Company Name

Nippi Collagen Industries, Ltd.

Business Operation

Production of collagen casing and other collagen products

Quality Policy

We ensure the followings by observing law and regulations, agreements, other requirements agreed by our company and self-regulation and operating the quality management system based on ISO9001 standards.

(1)Providing the best-in-the-world products to customers by aiming at continuous improvement and stabilization of the product quality based on the customer needs.

(2)Ever improving the customer satisfaction by utilizing quality management system.

(3)Putting the continuous improvement of the processes into practice, aiming at obtaining customer satisfaction, and expansion and improvement of our operation.


  • Fujinomiya Plant

    1 Yumizawa-cho,
    Fujinomiya, Shizuoka,
    4180073, Japan

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  • Fujinomiya Plant
  • Shibakawa Plant

    395-1 Kamiyuno,
    Fujinomiya, Shizuoka,
    4190301, Japan

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  • Shibakawa Plant

Collagen-Rich Natural Material

Collagen is the protein found in the animals such as vertebrates.
It is known that corium layers, bones, tendons, and ligaments contain Type I Collagen, and cartilages contain Type II Collagen as their main component. These collagens have important functions making and keeping the body forms by connecting the cells and organs in the extracellular matrix between cells.
Currently, it is confirmed that there are 28 different types of collagen within human body. Type I Collagen found in the skin forms “triple helix” and it supports keeping moisture and tension of the skin. However, protein tissue of the collagen is altered when heated and it can no longer form high order structures such as triple helix.

We manufacture edible collagen casing, and “raw collagen” with the triple helix structure maintained, by utilizing our very own collagen solution technology.
Besides for collagen casings, collagen as natural occurring protein is utilized as materials in a number of fields such as various food applications, cosmetics, health food, pharmaceuticals. Please visit for more details.

Nippi Collagen Casing

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< What is Collagen Casing ? >

The bags used to stuff sausage ingredients such as meat and spices are called “casing”. Collagen casings are artificially produced as edible from animal derived protein as opposed to natural casings which are derived and processed from intestines of sheep/lamb, hogs, or bovine.

Nippi Collagen Casing is manufactured from collagen protein derived from corium layers of bovine hides which have similar chemical composition as the natural casings. All production stages are systematically controlled to ensure sufficient hygiene level.

Advantages of Nippi Collagen Casing

  • Unmatched Versatility
  • Nippi casings are suitable for all types of sausages (cooked, fresh, dried, etc)
  • Great Uniformity
  • Consistency in both wall thickness and caliber diameter eliminates give-away due to over/under-weight links thus achieving higher yield
  • Excellent Machinability
  • Together with great uniformity extra strength makes Nippi Casing the most trouble-free casing; the most cost effective of its kinds
  • Tender Bite
  • Nippi Casing adds a tender and superb bite to your sausage which contributes to good reception of your products by a wide range of consumer.
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